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Common Ways Children Get Injuries

When your child gets injured, it's important that you take your child to your local pediatrician in Frisco, TX. We know that there are many different ways that children can get injured and need care from a professional. The most common ways children get injured and require treatment are by riding a bike, playing sports, and getting hurt in a car accident.

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Pediatric Care for Minor Injuries

We know that minor injuries can be painful to deal with at any age, which is why we provide prompt pediatric care for all of your child’s needs. Minor injuries that we can treat at our practice are cuts, lacerations, burns, blisters, bruises, sprains, and more.

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How to Know if Your Child Needs to Visit the Doctor

Whether it's a burn, blister, or you aren't sure, we can help! Our team of professionals and Dr. Okammor is knowledgeable about diagnosing and treating minor injuries. If your child is experiencing a lot of discomfort, pain, or you are worried the injury could be more serious like a sprain, it might be time to visit your pediatrician in Frisco, TX!

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