Chronic Illness Services

In the United States, more than 40% of school-aged children and adolescents have at least one chronic health condition. If your child has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, knowing where to turn for help can be challenging. At NxT Step Pediatrics, we offer comprehensive Chronic Illness Services to help you and your child live a healthy life! Schedule an appointment today to see one of our Pediatricians in Frisco, Texas!



According to the CDC, 1 in 12 children in the US aged 0-17 years has asthma. Asthma can be serious and even fatal if not treated properly. That is why the pediatricians at NxT Step Pediatrics diagnose, treat, and support asthma care in children.


Behavior or Learning Problems

If your child struggles in school, has difficulty with social interactions, or experiences frequent health problems, you may be wondering if they have a behavioral or learning disorder. A pediatrician from NxT Step Pediatrics can help determine whether your child's issues are caused by a behavioral or learning problem.



Allergies are prevalent in children and can cause consistent discomforts. If you think your child may have allergies, it is essential to see a pediatrician. At NxT Step Pediatrics, our pediatricians are experts in diagnosing and treating allergies in children. We would be happy to help you get your child's allergy symptoms under control!

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Obesity and Diabetes

According to the CDC, nearly one in five children are obese. This is a significant concern, as obesity can lead to many health problems as children get older, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Here at NxT Step Pediatrics, we are committed to helping your child maintain a healthy weight and managing a full life.

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