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Services for Your Growing Teen

It is recommended for teens to have annual checkups, to monitor physical growth and development. We screen hearing and vision at each checkup. We recommend immunizations according to the CDC schedule. Children need Tdap and MCV4 vaccines prior to 7th grade (typically done at the 11 or 12 year visit), as well as the optional HPV vaccine. At age 16, it is recommended to booster the MCV4 vaccine, in preparation for college.

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At NxT Step Pediatrics, we’re committed to partnering with parents to make their children’s lives as happy and healthy as possible. We understand that the challenges of raising a child are constant yet ever-changing, and we want to be a resource for you as well as your child. Our office serves children from infancy through their teen years, and our compassionate specialists have the knowledge and insights to help you navigate everything from booster seats to high school athletic checkups. Our welcoming office will quickly become a place where you and your child feel at ease because you know everyone around you is ready to help.

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Teens Primary Pediatric Care

As experts who have cared for children at all developmental levels, we offer age-appropriate primary care that you can trust. Whether your child has a stubborn fever or your teen wants to talk about peer pressure, we’re the resource you need. Our nuanced care has been trusted by local families for years, and we’re committed to treating your child as the priceless individual they are. Our compassionate care includes:

  • Milestones: There are many important milestones in a child’s pre-teen and teen years. We’ll discuss self-esteem, physical activity, socialization, screen time, and more if necessary. Ultimately, we want to act in partnership with parents to make sure their children get what they need.

  • Nutrition, Diet, and Growth: We’ll help keep track of your child’s growth, height, weight, vision, hearing, and more. We can discuss exercise plans, puberty, and the changes that happen to everyone during these times.

  • Sleep: The way your teen sleeps can have an impact on their mood and even their grades, so it’s a common topic! We’ll help you navigate sleep cycles, the importance of consistent bed times, and more as you cultivate a consistent routine for your young man or lady.

  • Safety: Our safety discussions shift depending on your child’s age and needs. When they’re younger, we’ll talk about helmets, water safety, and more. When it comes to adolescents, our safety discussions can shift toward social development and sexual safety. We also offer assessments for depression and suicide risks.

  • Vaccines: We’ll cover important vaccines for your child as they get older and address any catch-up vaccines if necessary.

NxT Step is Frisco’s most trusted pediatric office because we’re committed to helping families in our community live happier, healthier lives. We’d be honored to empower you and your child to thrive during important developmental milestones. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today.


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